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We are proud to own and to be associated with some exceptional stallions

Simply click on the name of each stallion to go to his own page or the owners facebook page

Breeding Contracts can be found on the Forms, Downloads and Contracts Page or from the stallion owner.

Current stallions available on farm -

Quarter Horse - DMB Intimidator

Paint Horse- Ratchetts Impresed (Imp USA)

Quarter Horse - The Resolution (Imp USA)

Pant Horse - Tronas Favorite Color (Imp USA)

Quarter Horse - In The Redzone (Imp USA)

Quarter Horse - GFM Alloveritboss

Quarter Horse - Potentially Lazy (Imp USA)     

Stallions via Frozen Semen

Quarter Horse / Paint - Original Cowboy (USA)

Quarter Horse _ Kissin The Girls

Stallions available by collection -

Quarter Horse - OQH Kids Classic Fella (Imp USA)

Quarter Horse - Electric Duck

Quarter Horse - Gilgannon Onyx

Quarter Horse - Krui Finnigan

Quarter Horse - Phenomenal Touchdown (Imp USA)

Quarter Horse - Do Me A Favour

Morgan - Leambro Somelikeithot (Imp)

Andalusion - Picarro PM (Imp)

Andalusion - Rayadillo SG (Imp)

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