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About us, our credentials

We have both been involved with horses our entire lives, this alone can be invaluable, to back this up we make the effort to better our knowledge, improve our practices and keep up with industry standard.

To show our commitment to the industry we try to keep "on top of our game" to this end we have -

  • Completed The Breeders Assistant Ultrasound Course (Texas USA) 2016

  • Completed The Breeders Assistant Deep Horn Insemination & Uterine Flushing Course (Texas USA) 2016

  • Completed the 2012 GVEH Advanced Equine Reproduction Course

  • Completed the 2012 GVEH Artificial Insemination Technicians Course

  • Are accredited Artificial Insemination Technicians (GVEH 2012)

  • Attended Equine Reproduction LLC Oklahoma USA - Artificial insemination and ultrasound 2014, 2016

  • Have been carded judges since 1993, presently holding AQHA & HSAA cards

  • Completed APHA Judges Academy in Fort Worth Texas in 2008 & 2012

  • Regularly judge internationally

  • Have worked at APHA World Show as Official Ring Stewards 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016

  • Attend APHA Convention / Workshops

  • Have been Team Coaches of the Australian PHAA Youth Team to compete at the World Championships - 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008.

  • Regularly attend clinics or seek private tuition from noted trainers

  • Are / have been both Directors within the industry (Jeffrey PHAA & AAA & Lee Ann APHA)

Proudly, we can say that since 2006 we have won over 60 National or National Futurity Championship titles with our Paint Horses, with dozens more won for their owners by horses bred from Hallmark Farm.

Our horses have been awarded many prestigious titles that include -

  • Multiple High Point Halter Horse of Australia (Open & Amateur)

  • High Point Halter Mare of Australia

  • High Point Halter Stallion of Australia

  • Overall Leading Sire of Australia

  • Multiple APHA #1 PAC High Point Award

  • Multiple APHA #1 Ride America Award

  • Numerous National Futurity Winners & National Show Winners

  • High Point APHA Horse - PHAA National Show

  • Numerous Honour Rolls

 As you can see, our heart is in the horses and we take pride in what we do. We aim to provide exemplary service to our customers, the best of care to your mare and to produce good sound all around horses for people to enjoy.

Genetic testing

As responsible breeders we routinely conduct genetic testing of our horses. This allows us to make informed decisions on our breeding program, avoid or reduce the chances of undesirable genetic traits and gives us information which is useful in our choices for colour and coat pattern selection. We do not encourage breeding overo positive horses to overo positive. All of our breeding horses are 5 panel negative.

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