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The Colour Of Champions


Neosho (Azor x Lonesome Prairie) Spanish Mustang stallion - IMP USA

- 14.1hh, - grulla (EE, aa, Dd1) homozygous black 

Service fee for fresh/chilled semen for the 2018/2019 season $1100 

Neosho is a prepotent sire who strongly stamps his offspring with his dense bone, short back, strong uphill conformation and exceptional temperament.  The Spanish Mustang breed are one of the most versatile breeds on the planet.  They have a unique ability to bond strongly to their person and once that relationship has formed, there is no limit to where they can take you and they do so in a calm and brave manner.  The Spanish Mustang breed dates back to the first horses bought to the America's by the Spanish Conquistadors.  Now extinct in the wild of America and not to be confused with the free roaming BLM mustang, they are a critically endangered breed with enthusiasts around the world working tirelessly to save them and share their magic with the horse world.   Willowvale Spanish Mustangs are currently the only breeder and importer of Spanish Mustangs in Australia. 

  info@spanish-mustang.com or phone 0458 040 878.